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NOTICE: We have been informed that a criminal scammer has been making telephone solicitations and claiming to be a representative from our company. They are providing our actual website and names of staff members to gain credibility. They are attempting to sell security products and services over the phone, possibly including collecting credit card information and/or checking account information. This is not us. We do not make cold calls to solicit new clients over the phone. NEVER PROVIDE YOUR FINANCIAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE unless you are speaking to someone with an established relationship and you have verified their authenticity. If you believe you have been the victim of fraud, please report it appropriately. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us using the phone number on this website.


National Protective Services provides the premier security services in San Antonio, TX, offering fully integrated, full-spectrum protective services against the threats that concern you most. Whether you are seeking security alarm services, fire alarm services, security officers, executive protection/personal protection officers (bodyguards), security consulting, investigations, access control services, or locksmithing services, we will provide the best value service available.

National Protective Services is owned by The Galilee Fishing Company, and 100% of net profits supports Christian ministry. We appreciate your support! 

We provide operational protective services, consultation, and training to a diverse client base, both domestically and internationally. We are made up of a variety of personnel with verifiable backgrounds of military, law enforcement (federal, state and local) and extensive private sector security experience.

Since September 11, 2001, the number of "Anti-Terrorism Specialists" offering services has dramatically increased. The first question you should ask someone offering these anti-terrorism services of any kind is "What were you doing on September 10th, 2001?" The threat is your security?


Protect your children with a Free Child ID Kit

If your child goes missing (from a variety of reasons-kidnapping, abduction, run-away), it is important to have the right information to give law enforcement authorities for them to immediately begin a search. The most important tool that law enforcement has to find them is up-to-date personal infor…

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Why NPS?

San Antonio, TX boasts over 100 security alarm companies. Each of these offers some type of home security, but who is the best? Who determines the best? You do! Are you looking for just low cost, or are you looking for best value? We are comprised of professional and experienced security consultants who consider security to be a calling, not just a job. We are based in San Antonio, TX, and we provide much more than just burglar alarm systems (often referred as home security systems, or just home “alarms”). We will conduct a home security survey with you to help determine your needs, and then go from there. Our business model focuses on a long-term relationship with our clients, so you can rest assured that when our consultant is recommending a strategy, it’s because that is what’s needed, not because they are making a gross commission of the equipment they sell you.

Our company is fully licensed and insured…unlike many of the “fly by nights” who offer services in this area. Again, are you looking for the best security alarm company in the San Antonio, TX area, or just a mediocre fly by night? Home security, security alarms, burglar alarms, residential alarms, commercial alarms…call it what you want, we do it.